Rundown of the last few weeks

Posted On November 26, 2011

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1.  Steve and I were sick during the last couple weeks.  Wes had a fever but otherwise was fine, it went away in 2 days.  Steve was hit the hardest, he was down for 3-4 days and I made him go to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t the flu since he had every flu symptom according to ‘Doctor Google’.

2.  Lots of playdates and activities.  With the weather turning cold we’re trying to find ways to stay busy.  We have a wonderful playgroup and there are a few other boys his age so it’s been awesome.

3.  We’re the process of making the basement into the playroom.  It’s painted, but we are waiting to do the trim since we’re getting new carpet we’ll just put new baseboards in at that time.  The office is now the old guest room since we rarely have guests.

4. Had a nice Thanksgiving, so glad we decided not to travel. With how sick Steve was and my lingering cough- it would have been MISERABLE!

5.  Christmas decorations when up yesterday- Wes was excited!  Love it! 

6.  Ordered his birthday (35 days!) t-shirt, can’t wait to see it.  It’s pirate themed. 🙂

7.  I ordered a new vacuum yesterday and I’m very excited to get it- it is much needed since my current one only picks up stuff randomly.  It will go great with the new carpet we’re getting in the next couple months (also a much needed item).

Our camera is MIA so only iPod pics, I’ll have to put those up later.


The countdown…

Posted On November 12, 2011

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50 days until Wes is 2!

Quick run down of the last week or so

Posted On November 2, 2011

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Thursday: Grammie Perry got to town! Lots of playing with Wes time. 🙂

Friday: Wes, Grammie, and I went to music class and the library. Spent time at home hanging out. Wes was loving having Gram here.

Saturday: Went to the Louisburg Cider Mill and ate lots of doughnuts and drank cider. It was a gorgeous day! Later on Steve and I left Grammie and Wes and took off for dinner and errands.

Sunday: Not much early in the day besides playing, but in the afternoon we went to a Halloween event at a local community center. It was a battle getting Wes in his Halloween costume, but it was worth it- so cute!

Monday: Our playgroup had their Halloween party so Grammie got to meet some of Wes’s friends. Steve stopped by to see all the fun and get a snack. 😉 Later that day we took Wes (and Quinn) trick-or-treating for the first time! Last year he was 10 months and sleeping, this year he was up and ready to go. It was a great time and so glad Grammie got to experience it with us.

Tuesday: Steve ended up taking the whole day off and we all went shopping at the mall, had some lunch, then got home for nap time. Wes and I decided to go to the airport so we had a nice ride up so we could say bye to Grammie. We parked and went inside with her and saw her through security.

Wednesday: Wes woke up asking about Grammie, well, actually yelling ‘Grammie’ like he had been in the mornings to wake her up- haha. We went to the bank to open Wes’s 1st bank account (besides his 529) and deposited all our change into it. This account is for his ‘fun’ money and our goal is to save up to get him a wooden swing set next spring. So far he has $55, only a bunch to go- haha!  We will be only getting him 1 ‘big’ gift for Christmas and his birthday combined (the train table) instead of 1 for each, then the extra budgeted money will go to this account. 

We then went shoe shopping- bad idea! He was pretty terrible (Grammie, come back! He was so good for you.) and kept running off, but shoes were bought and now we’re home for a nap!

I’ll have more pictures to add tonight when I get them from Steve’s computer.  Time to look through the Lands’ End Kids catalog we received today and look at cute stuff for Wes! If we go east this winter he may need a couple warmer items and his own little carry-on bag. 🙂