What a day!

Posted On August 31, 2010

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1. The parents-as-teachers educator came for our first visit. We sat on the floor with Wes and talked as he played. She was very impressed with how mobile he is (definitely ahead of the game)- he stood up at the coffee table and leaned his elbows on top and drank out of his sippy cup. 🙂 I had never seen him do that before b/c I don’t usually give him a sippy unless he’s in his highchair.

We just talked about my pregnancy, delivery, what he eats, car seat arrangement (rear-facing of course!!), and any concerns that I have. She will come again at the end of October. It was nice to be told I’m doing things correctly and that he is developing fine. She said if we ever notice any delays, they have infant intervention people to help (SLPs, PT, OT, etc) to help.

2. Went grocery shopping for Wes food for the month. I think this will be my last month of making purees, we’re slowly transitioning him to soft solids/finger foods.

3. Since yesterday evening Wes has been leaning his left ear down onto his shoulder, he also was putting it on the coffee table and the floor like it was bugging him. I called the pediatrician’s office and they said to bring him in. We saw a NP and she said there was nothing wrong. She thought that maybe he just discovered he liked to move his head like that and just keeps repeating it. I also had her look at his upper-lip and top teeth- I was correct, he does have an upper-lip tie! I think this caused some of our breastfeeding issues at the beginning. She said it obviously hasn’t stopped him from eating….he weighs 22lbs 9.6oz!

4. After the ped’s office we went to Toys’r’Us and bought a hexagon playyard. We’re using it to block the stairs and I can use it to contain him when I leave him in the living room (so he can’t go up the stairs or out the doggy door). This is going to make my life a lot easier and Wes a lot safer.

5. One of the things I bought Wes today was cheddar cheese. He had his first dairy product tonight as part of dinner. He didn’t really enjoy it, but Quinn did.

Enjoying avocado and a teething biscuit at lunchtime while Quinn waits for him to drop something:

Dinner of some fancy-schmancy bread, a little cheddar cheese, and peas:

edit: While at the ped’s office, Wes was crawling around and cruising along a little table. This 3ish year old girl came over to play with him and it was ADORABLE. Her brother (5?) and mom came over and were playing as well. She told them not to touch his hands or face so she was playing with his feet and when he’d go to crawl somewhere she’d rub his back. Almost made me want another baby…yeah, almost, but no. The mom and I were talking about how nice it is when they are ahead in milestones so you don’t worry, but then you wish they weren’t because oh man do they get into trouble!


Picture spam.

Posted On August 27, 2010

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1, 2, & 3: Musician and avid reader at ~8 months. He’s reading Toastmaster magazine, he has to work on his public speaking skills.
4: Showing off his top teeth
5: Waiting for dad to get home!
6: Playing with his 1-2-Squeeze blocks. They’re great!

I’m Sorry

Posted On August 24, 2010

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Dear Grandma & Grandpa Perry,

I’m sorry that I chewed on the pretty crib you got for me.  I woke up from my nap a little hungry, but now I know wood finish isn’t tasty.  Next time I’ll wait for my vegetables. 


PS.  I think the real blame goes to Mommy and Daddy. They bought a rail chew guard at Babies’r’Us on Saturday and didn’t install it yet!  One day they’ll learn…


Posted On August 23, 2010

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Steve took the day off and we went to the pool! This was Wes’s first time in the big pool and he LOVED it! We might have a swimmer on our hands. 🙂

No worries, he had on SPF 70 sunblock, SPF 50+ hat, swim trunks, and rash guard…it was also only 10am. :-p

Our daredevil…God help us…

Posted On August 21, 2010

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1 & 2: Pictures of the stairs Wes decided to climb (I walked behind him)…he then crawled into the kitchen and started pulling down cookbooks off my bookcase.

3: Went to the park this morning and this is what he decided to do in the swing.

He currently has 2 little bruises on his forehead from his cruising/pulling-up on anything he can grab. We should invest in some bubble wrap, because once he’s walking, he’s going to be everywhere and in everything (not that he isn’t already).

eta: Tooth #5 is working its way in!

4m and 7.5m

Posted On August 19, 2010

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4 months: 16lbs
7.5 months: 22lbs+

I think he’s about 4″ longer, can’t remember what he was at 4m, now he’s 29″.

edit: Knock on wood- Wes has been sleeping pretty well! We moved his bedtime up to 7 from 7:30 and it seems to be helping a bit. Last night he slept in his crib 7:30 to 2:30 with NO wake-ups, and then in our bed until 6:15.

Family trip to the park!

Posted On August 15, 2010

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Including Wes’s first time on a slide or swing! 🙂

Dr. Sears

Posted On August 14, 2010

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This pretty much fits Wes perfectly. The only progress is that he is doing better with others when he sees them regularly. 


And sleep issues: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/5/T050900.asp


Posted On August 12, 2010

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Thinking about where we should go on vacation next year.  Somewhere fun…for a 1 1/2 year old, of course.

Maybe a road trip so we can take Quinn? She loves being in the car and did great when we went to Ohio and stayed in a hote
Anyone have any good ideas?

Edit: Wes’s new foods of the week-  whole wheat* tortilla (8/10) and corn** (8/12)

*There are different thoughts about when to introduce wheat, some say after 1 some say after oat/barely/rice is introduced.
**Corn isn’t very good nutrient wise, it was more for play while we ate dinner since we were eating corn.  Wes is actually pretty good with chewing and it was great for working on his pincher grasp.

Random Pics

Posted On August 12, 2010

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1. drool monster
2. destructive!
3. yummy whole-wheat tortilla strip
4. raised his jumperoo to the 3rd level; he rarely goes in the jumperoo these days, he rather cruise around the furniture and torture Quinn 🙂
5. trying to dive off the loveseat and grab the jumperoo toys- he doesn’t hold still!

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