gross adventures in mommyland

Posted On April 30, 2010

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I learned today that semi-solid food = semi-solid poo. I was use to breast milk poo (liquidy and it sticks to diapers) and this morning that isn’t what I got! I was changing Wes and went to put the dirty diaper down so I could finish changing him and then dump the poop in the toilet (that’s what you do when you cloth diaper). Well, the diaper flopped open and the poop landed on the carpet and splattered. Ugh, good morning to me! Thankfully Wes was in a good mood so I didn’t have him screaming while I tried to clean up the mess. I’m lucky I had Quinn to get me use to cleaning up bodily fluids from the carpet.

Tomorrow I’ll be breaking out the carpet steam cleaner.


4 month appt

Posted On April 29, 2010

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Weight: 16lbs (75th percentile)
Height: 25.5″ (75th percentile)
Head Circ: not sure, but it was in the 45th percentile, up from the 30th!

All stretched out in the bed he refuses to sleep in:

He took his shots like a champ:
His newest discovery- toes!


Posted On April 26, 2010

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Who needs expensive toys when you have mom’s hair scarves?

Lack of sleep

Posted On April 25, 2010

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Haven’t posted about this issue, but it’s definitely taken over our lives. We were not blessed with a good sleeper, not even with a decent sleeper. Everything we’ve read says 4-month-olds should sleep ~15 hours a day, Wes gets about 9-10.

Here’s a rundown of last night (he was screaming most of the time starting at 8)-

7pm: nurse and cereal (1/2tbsp)
730: bath, lotion, jammies, baby Tylenol (it appears an early tooth is coming in)
8: rocking/swaying, binky
between 8-915: fell asleep 5 times and every time Valerie put him down he woke up
915: Steve took over
930-10: formula bottle (4oz)
10: back to Valerie, finished bottle in our bed
1030: fell asleep on Valerie and stayed there
330am: woke up and nursed
4-6: slept on Valerie
6-7: clean diaper, nursed, and fussed
7-8: slept on Valerie
8: up for the day

Beyond the long amount of time to get him down for the night, that’s a great night of sleep for him!

EDIT: Since he already sleeps so poorly, we’ve decided to stop swaddling. No reason to use it and get him sleeping well, only to take it away and be back at square one!


Posted On April 24, 2010

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So we were going to wait until 6 months for food, but Wes appears to be STARVING, or so he thinks he is most days/nights. He has seriously eaten almost every hour for the past 4 days and mommy is worn out! I went to Hen House this morning at 7am and bought some rice cereal after a failed trip to Wal-Mart.

He was sort of into in, we made up 1 tbsp mixed with breast milk and he ate half. He still seemed to prefer his hands, but what else is new? We’ll try more around dinner and see if he eats it again. We’re not going to push it if he’s not ready and the smell of it is horrible, so we wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to eat it!

*Video to be uploaded later

1st trip to the park.

Posted On April 19, 2010

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We have a small park that is about a 10-minute walk from our house and since it was a nice day, we decided to break out the stroller!

Here’s Wes as we were getting ready to go.

There is a pool in our subdivision and Wes can’t wait to go swimming this summer!

Made it to the park with no tears!

The walk back wasn’t as good, thankfully I brought my ring sling and he fell asleep.

Here’s the cutie. The sling is made from solarveil and it blocks almost all UVA/UVB rays.

There use to be a mini-horse/pony that lived across the street, well, it appears they upgraded to a full-sized horse this year! Hard to see, but it’s next to the white van.

cleaning off the sd card…random pics…

Posted On April 17, 2010

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going green

Posted On April 15, 2010

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In my attempt at ‘going green’ (ok, not really, I’m just trying to save money), I found a new cleaning product. Steve’s mom introduced me to the Swiffer Duster when she visited, but since we’re too cheap to buy refills, I found a reusable one on Etsy! I used it today and it worked great. To clean it, you just wash and dry it- easy easy. Now if I could just wean myself off of Lysol wipes- I do use the generic version at least!

15 weeks

Posted On April 15, 2010

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We had a breakthrough last night! For the past few weeks we’ve left 1 arm out of the Swaddle Me when putting Wes to sleep. This was to help transition him to not need it, plus he likes to suck his thumb. Last night I was rocking him and he pulled his other arm out of the swaddle to rub his eye and then folded his hands together. I decided to not upset him and leave it out. I thought he’d be up a lot from startling himself and prepared myself to be up frequently, but he slept the same pattern he has been for the past few nights- only 2 wake-ups! It’s getting to be warm here (high 70s/low 80s this past week) and we feared him getting to hot in it, so hopefully we’ll be able to toss it in the ‘sell’ pile of Wes stuff in a week or so!

Wes has also been sleeping in his own room since Sunday (I think, maybe Saturday). Still not in his crib, but he sleeps in his pack’n’play. He still sleeps on a sleep positioner that is made at an angle, so that still needs to go, hopefully when he’s completely unswaddled.

I’ll post new pictures later, Wesley is currently asleep in his carseat (amazing!) after our trip to Target.

Edit: week 15 picture with 2 of his favorite things to chew- his elephant & his thumb!

Beautiful weekend- random pics

Posted On April 12, 2010

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Quinn is ready for a car ride- she’s driving!

The ugly, weed-filled rock bed.

New sod along the fence.
All of that area was once rocks.

Wes decided didn’t want to lay on the boppy, so he decided to push himself over it. He eventually got completely over the pilow.

Jumperoo time.
Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust able to reach the floor!

Brother and Sister hanging out. 🙂

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