week 11

Posted On March 19, 2010

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Today started off well, Wes slept soundly and late (7:30) and he was in a good mood this morning. Amy and I decided to meet up at Chick-fil-a for lunch and it was going okay for about 20 minutes and then he started SCREAMING. Nothing would calm him, I took him outside and it got better so I decided to leave. We got home and he’d finally eat, so I think it was the noise of the restaurant that got to him.

In other news- Wes has started a bad habit…sucking his thumb!!!

I had just put the sd card in to pull off the thumb sucking pic, when I saw him doing this- he is now grabbing for the toys on his play mat! He has actually grabbed the ring again and is holding it right now. 🙂Steve and I are going out alone tonight for the first time since Wes was born. Janice, who started as my long-term sub and is now my replacement for the rest of the year, is coming over to watch him (and Quinn- she’s going to go crazy for a new visitor).

EDIT: Wes did well, he only cried a little bit. Thank you so much, Janice!! 🙂

Quinn, Wes, and Janice before we left: