End of September!

Posted On September 30, 2010

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We celebrated the end of September by going to the library for a little play time and to a local park to swing.  Wes hasn’t been in a great mood today-  tooth #7 is only part way from under his gum and is being a real bugger coming in. 😦  So he’s been doing nothing but eating, fussing, and biting today. 

There was also an afternoon trip to Target where I found 4 16″x16″ mirrors for $1.24/each. I’m going to hang them low on the wall in his ‘playroom’ so he can look at himself- which he loves.  After that we were playing and he TOOK 2 STEPS TOWARDS ME! 🙂  Yes, I’m excited now, but ask me how I’m feeling when he can really walk.  He really mastered standing without holding stuff this weekend and now he’ll just stand and hold things while playing. 

He’s currently eating string cheese- which he loves- because sitting in a stroller getting pushed around outside for 30 minutes is a lot of work and quite the calorie burner.

From the park:


Visiting Dada!

Posted On September 29, 2010

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B&McD was doing employee/spouse flu shots, so I went in to get mine and Steve took us to meet everyone.  Wes was loved on, told many times that:  1.  He is a big boy.  2.  He has a lot of teeth for 9 months (he’s up to 7). 3.  He looks like his dad. and 4.  He’s going to be an engineer.  All things we (mainly I) tell him. 🙂

Steve took us to McDonald’s for lunch and then we headed home because Wes was worn out from being cute.  I decided last night that I wanted to rearrange our guest bedroom into a play room for Wes.  Winter means our living room will be chilly and I would like to have a safer area for him to play in- no doggy door or stairs.  Plus, I’m starting to get scared he’s going to pull over our tv. 

Sidenote:  Wes is currently dancing to music from ‘Glee’ and not holding onto anything as he stands and grooves. 🙂

Anyway, back to the guestroom.  I moved the dresser into the closet and took the bed off the simple metal frame (so he doesn’t fall and hit himself on the corners).  At the height of the boxspring + mattress, he will probably figure out how to climb upsoon, but it’s not that high off the floor that he’d get hurt.  We could probably nap in here together without the fear of him rolling off the bed….hmmmm.  I’m going to vacuum and move his toys upstairs from the living room and we’ll be done!  I really would like to paint this room at some point- it’s the originally tan flat paint- but it would require breaking out the ladder (vaulted ceiling), so not something I could easily do during the day. 


Posted On September 29, 2010

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Wes has gotten to the stage where he’s staining his shirts with food (bibs are no help), I can’t see it getting any better as he moves into toddlerhood. 😦  Good thing I buy stuff off the clearance rack or he’d be costing us an arm and a leg!

I need to start checking his clothes more carefully before putting them in the washer so I can Oxiclean them.

And for a couple pictures:

Crawling around in the front yard….
Everything goes in the mouth….but it’s a good way to transport sippy cups!
Afternoon walk and hating sunglasses…

9 month well-visit today!

Posted On September 27, 2010

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EDIT:  No scheduled vaccines.  Iron is fine.  He did get his 1st of 2 flu shots, go back in a month to get the second.  1 year appointment scheduled for 1/3/11.

Height:  29.75″ (90th %ile)
Weight:  23lb6oz (90th %ile)
Head:  46cm (75th %ile)

Healthy, happy boy.  Very impressed my his cruising/standing on own, the nurse thought he was already walking based on how well he stands- thankfully he’s not!!  Also impressed with the fact he regularly uses a sippy cup and uses it well.  Has an upper-lip tie that will be cut when he’s a bit older, it obviously hasn’t effected his milk transfer (based on his weight :-p).

Wes has his 9 month check up and shots today. 😦 He’s been in such an awesome mood for the past week, I hope this doesn’t mess it up. He also will have an iron level check, hopefully that turns out well. I’m thinking he’ll weigh in a little under 23lbs, either I’m getting stronger or he’s not gained/lost a few ounces lately.

Here are a couple pics from this morning. He loves his new push/walking toy. The stuffed dog got pushed with it so he could go harass Quinn on the couch.

Oh, and can you guess, by the non-matching outfit, who gets Wes ready for bed? 🙂

It’s been awhile….

Posted On September 26, 2010

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Since the last update, Wes has…
-said Dada
-started standing on his own frequently instead of just once here and there
-learned to drink from a straw (at Applebees today out of my glass)
-gotten tooth #6 just yesterday (#7 will probably be in this week by the look of it)

(his hoodie says ‘Daddy loves me more than football’- it was perfect in BROWNS colors!)

Under 100 days until Wes’s 1st birthday- only 96 to go!


Posted On September 20, 2010

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We’re all still sick, thankfully Wes just has the sniffles while Steve and I got the brunt of it.  We skipped out on the hot-air balloon festival, which is sad, but no one wants our germs. Did some yard work, watched football, ate some Chick-fil-a, and had a pretty nice weekend even being ill. 

Not too many pics have been taken and I really haven’t had the time/patience/energy to upload them…hint hint again to my husband that I need a fancy phone so I can take and upload pics easily.  :-p 

We took a 7am walk with Quinn that led to them both taking early (7:30/7:45) naps…we walked in the door, I dried Quinn’s paws off and she took off upstairs for our bed!  She didn’t come down until 8:30 when Wes and I went in the kitchen to get breakfast.

Ok, Wes is finishing breakfast (he ate a whole whole-grain waffle and a whole banana!) , time to get us ready for the day.

It struck early….

Posted On September 17, 2010

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We’re all sick!  Steve got ill from 2 co-workers that were sick and then he gave it to me and Wes!  Steve’s on antibiotics, I was told to just take Robitussin CF, and Wes is temperature free so we’re (I’m) just cleaning his nose out and making sure he stays hydrated.

It’s been a very long week and sleep, as usual, isn’t happening.   He is doing pretty well today about not being attached to me, he’s been playing for 10 minutes on his own, illness hasn’t slowed him down at all!  He’s currently playing with his comb and a spatula and before was in our tv cabinet getting dvds out- who needs real toys?

Wes on the move

Posted On September 16, 2010

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Week 3- holding his head up
Week 5- Pushing himself over his boppy
4 months- Late April/Early May- Sitting on own
6 months- Early July:  Crawling
6 months- Early July (same week): Pulled up…thought it wads a fluke…it wasn’t
8 months- Late August/Early Sept (pic is 9/3): Standing on own…still doesn’t do it a lot, but getting better
8.5 months- Yesterday 9/15:  Climbing….that’s our basement tv set-up ;-p

Not much of an update…

Posted On September 13, 2010

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We had a pretty lazy weekend. Steve wasn’t feeling well and I was just worn out thanks to Wes’s hatred of sleep.   We went to Jason’s Deli for lunch on Saturday and Wes loved the salad bar-  peas, cucumbers, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, egg yolk, and a little bite of corn bread as a treat.   He was a very happy, but messy, boy!

I’ve been slacking on the pictures, it’s hard to remember the camera when we go out.  I’ve been pushing Steve to let me get a nice phone (I even picked out the ones I like depending if we switch carriers or not- ha!) so I can easily take pictures and upload them.  Wes isn’t a fan of my laptop and he beats the keys when I try to use it.  The only reason he isn’t right now is because he’s crawling all around the kitchen and playing with bottles of Sobe water.

So- hint, hint- to the husband!

And on to pictures:  Showing a little BROWNS love and showing no love for yogurt.

EDIT: Just when I think I don’t have an update- Wes waved without being prompted! Don’t mind his yucky shirt, he had just eaten some cheese. 🙂

Finger foods and bibs

Posted On September 10, 2010

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Tiny bibs have become useless these days. Now that Wes feeds himself, the bib only handles so much and we end up with a mess in the seat of his highchair and he gets food all over his arms. Today I took an old receiving blanket, cut it about down the middle about 8-10″, then put it over Wes to see where his arms were. Then I cut the sides in about 10″. Then I draped it over him so his arms were sticking out. It is big enough to cover the sides of his chair and catch everything, too bad it’s not waterproof!

I think I will break out the sewing machine and make a more long lasting version of it. I can see Wes ripping this one where I cut it quickly with my kitchen scissors.

Wes enjoying cheddar cheese, apple cinnamon puffs, and avocado:

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