Random pics (most are on facebook).

Posted On January 29, 2012

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 Bee keeper

 Talking to the GGs on the phone…not sure why they were by the garage door.

 Rosy red cheeks after his nap (he really needs some big boy bedding).

 He somehow talked Quinn into sitting on his bed.

 Climbing at the park

 Sharing veggie straws with Quinn

 Big Man Wes!

Cuddling with Daddy after we went out for bbq.

I think I’m doing a decent job of keeping the blogs updated (I also do our finance blog http://theksperrypennies.blogspot.com/)-  yay New Year’s resolutions.



Posted On January 26, 2012

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I discovered Barnes & Noble’s online story time and Wes enjoys it a lot!  Their book of the month is Snuggle Puppy (which we own), but they have about 15 different stories.

One of the books they have is Charlie the Ranch Dog about a basset hound and we watch/listen to it multiple times a day. Wes added it to his Amazon wishlist, he just might get it for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Growing like a weed and other randoms

Posted On January 25, 2012

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1. Wes has grown 1/2″ in a month! That explains why his pants are getting short. Big guy at 36.5″!

2.  We had our 1st parent-tot tumbling class and Wes loved it!  We sat and stretched, then did a few organized activities, then the last half was free time.  Wes’s favorite part was a foam pit that he would jump into like it was a pool.  I plan to take pictures next time, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to so I didn’t have my camera.  Here he is this morning watching ‘The Cat in the Hat’ and then right before we left for class:

3.  After class I took him for a special treat-  a Target pretzel.  We walked around and tried out new carseats while we were there.  We have made it to 2 (almost 25 months) now rear-facing-  which is the new MINIMUM recommended, hopefully law soon!  He forward-faces in Steve’s car because he outgrew the seat rear-facing, but still has 3.5″ or 7lbs until he outgrows the one in my car.

I would like a new seat without a base for Steve’s car so we can stop hitting Wes’s (and our) heads on the low door frame of the Civic.  I put him in a Graco Nautilus and he said “Oooh, comfy!” It’s on his Amazon list and will probably be what he ‘saves’ for after he gets his swing set. 🙂


Toddler Bedding

Posted On January 24, 2012

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I’ve been on the hunt for new bedding for Wes.  “Big boy” bedding, but since his crib converted to a toddler bed it makes it hard to find stuff that isn’t “babyish” that fits.  I don’t want to do characters like Thomas/Elmo/etc because 1.  who knows when he’ll grow out of liking them and 2.  he’d probably be scared.  The bedding also needs to go with his sage walls because we aren’t repainting his room.

I’ve found these 2.  I think he’d like a more plush comforter, but they’re hard to find.  The first link seems pretty good (and cheap).  



Fun Family Time

Posted On January 21, 2012

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Our (Wes and mommy) playgroup had an activity listed for today-  it was a free craft at the Johnson County Museum.  I decided that we should go, so we loaded up the car (why does it take so long these days!?) and headed out.

The craft was a  paint-stick snowman, Wes just REALLY liked all the buttons:

Wes and Dad with the finished product:

There is also a free exhibit called KidScape, which is a little town (doctor’s office, park, theater, etc) where the kids can play.  Here’s Wes showing his golf form:

And Dad trying to help:

Trains are always a favorite:

Tools were a pretty good time, too!:

And here’s a silly pic from earlier this week.  We went shopping and he got 5 new shirts and 5 new pairs of undies (we finally were able to use the Gymboree Gymbucks Grammie had earned when she visited).  Wes showing off one of his new moose shirts (he got 3!) and his new baseball undies- he just HAD to wear them.  He was very proud of the outfit. : 

Dress outfit.

Posted On January 17, 2012

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This was on clearance (from Christmas-time) at Target for $8.  I wish they had a 3T but 2T fits right now.  Wondering if it will still fit in March.  It was so cheap I wouldn’t be upset if it didn’t. 

Can you tell it was nap time?


Posted On January 16, 2012

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Wes is hate OBSESSED.  He has quite the collection and heaven forbid I tell him a knit winter cap is a hat, he will correct me and say ‘cap’. 

He put his hat on at Children’s Place and called it a cowboy hat-

If you don’t know what to buy him, a hat will always work, haha!  He also is obsessed with ties.  I’m pretty excited about him being a ringbearer at his uncle’s wedding because it gives me a reason to buy him a tie instead of “just because”.  🙂


Posted On January 15, 2012

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Things Wes enjoys watching-

Bassett Hounds
Hot air balloons
Space shuttle launches
Fight planes

Another post of random pics…

Posted On January 11, 2012

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Random Pics

Posted On January 8, 2012

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1. Eating at Jason’s Deli- he loved his ‘flying cow’ milk.

2. Wearing his backpack, all ready to go see Grammie and Grandpa!

3. Jason’s Deli- This was Wes’s first time having an ice cream cone (he stole mine and was eyeing his dad’s!).

4. I bought him a construction hat off Target clearance for $0.66 (well, I bought 2). It has a little removable flashlight and he loves flashlights.

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