New Car Seat

Posted On June 27, 2012

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Wes was close to being at the harness weight fully dressed for the seat (40lb) in Steve’s car since we bought it before the change to 65lb harnesses. Now he has a Nautilus that should be his seat for a LONG time since we will harness and booster to the max.

We also went to Chipotle, which Wes LOVES. He always eats his meal and this time drank his milk plus we had to get him a cup for water.


Family Outing

Posted On June 23, 2012

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Steve’s company had their annual meeting followed by a family day outing at LiveStrong Park (soccer) in KC.  It was perfect for our little soccer lover! We walked around the locker rooms, ran around on the field, played a couple fair games, ate burgers and nachos (and maybe a little cotton candy), and just had a good time. 🙂

Wes practicing for future press conferences:

Terrible Blogger

Posted On June 7, 2012

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I’ve been terrible about updating this thing.

We’ve been busy. Well, we’ve always been busy, but now I just don’t feel like spending nap times updating this.  I’ve just been throwing pictures up on Facebook and calling it good.

Wes is:

 Growing-  ~38.5″, 35.5/36lbs, size 9/9.5 shoe, head is only 1.25″ smaller than mine!

Talking- He’s a very advanced talker for his age according to numerous people, including our Parents-as-Teachers educator.  Weird to hear since he’s our ‘normal’, it’s also like that when people say he’s big, I always think he’s pretty average looking.

Imaginative-  The child has a HUGE imagination and we love it!  This week he’s been all about being “Spy Wes!”

and Busy- We both like to be out of the house and thankfully we have some wonderful friends to to have play dates with multiple times each week! Lots of park time, swimming, walks, riding his trike and scooter.

Otherwise, not much to report. Steve is switching work schedules so he’ll be on a 4×10 schedule and we’ll have 3-day weekends together. Pretty excited for that, even if it means he won’t be home until almost 6:30 M-Th.  He was gone most days until 6 at his old job, so it’s not a huge adjustment.  I’m getting back into a jogging routine and am looking into new jogging strollers because mine isn’t great (glad it was a Craigslist find- so cheap!). Wes and I go a loop where we can stop at a park for a few minutes to give him a break from sitting, so it works for us.


Black Hoof Park-


Heritage Park-

Backyard (painting with shaving cream)-