Posted On July 31, 2011

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Wes is doing amazing with the potty chair! He has stayed dry in his diapers when we have been out and about the past 2 days! We get home and he goes right on the potty (pee and poop!) Obviously he still wets overnight (~10 hours of sleep), but daytime is going very well. I bought him some Yo Gabba Gabba undies at Target, but I think the waistband is too hard for him to pull them down.

Today we ran errands, had lunch at Costco, and went to the pool (but first I- Valerie- went for a massage!). Tomorrow we’re thinking of going to Science City since it’ll be another super hot (98 degrees) day. We’re also going to convert Wes’s bed to a toddler one since he climbed out this past week.


Run down of the last few days…

Posted On July 26, 2011

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-Wes spent a lot of time with his daddy (flying airplanes on the computer, at the pool, etc) so mom could do some deep cleaning.

-Hosted his first playgroup- a sprinkler/baby pool/outdoor gathering- at our house. He was a good host, even though he wasn’t great at sharing watermelon…he ate about 6 slices! Good thing I got the biggest watermelon Super Target had.

-Had a ‘poosplosion’ in his cloth swim diaper which led to a HORRIBLE diaper rash. I ended up calling Steve to come home around 1:30 so that I could go get Wes some neosporin + pain relief for it (it was so bad it hurt to sit 😦 ).


-Rash is a little better today, skipped the pool and I’m letting him go without a diaper. It’s a good thing Grandma and Grandpa Perry got him a potty to use!

-He didn’t want to nap so I left him a few minutes in his crib to see if he’d just fuss and fall asleep, that didn’t work! I went back up and jokingly said ‘What are you going to do? Climb out of your crib?’ He then swung his leg up on the side rail and pulled himself up and over!!!!!!! So looks like we’ll be converting his crib to a toddler bed. I think we’ll have to gate him bedroom door so he can’t get out since he knows how to open doors.


Wes is currently obsessed with ‘Hat’, better known to people as the Cat in the Hat. We only have 1 book and it’s over 50 pages long…how many do you think he sits still for? Haha!

He also seems to be going through a growth spurt. He’s sleeping the same (7pm to about 5:30am and 12-1:15pm) but eating a TON. According to our scale he’s 31.4lbs, that’s almost a pound gained in a month.

Potty Chair

Posted On July 22, 2011

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Wes received a gift in the mail this week- a potty chair! It started out as somewhere to watch ‘Super Why!’, but Wes has found another use for it…actually going to the bathroom in it! He went 2x yesterday 5x today. All I can think about is how many less diapers that is to wash. 🙂 Whenever he pees in it he starts clapping his hands and then gets up and we take it, dump it, and wash hands.

I don’t think he’ll be really potty trained for a bit, but if it’s going to be 100 degrees +, we’ll stay inside and keep him undressed and ready to potty. (I also found a use for our leftover puppy pads- I put 2 under it.)

EDIT: Wes loves the potty chair! He uses it multiple times a day, I let him run around nakie and he’ll use it as needed. Sometimes I remind him that if he needs to go to use the potty and sometimes he’ll just go to it himself. He has had 2 accidents on the carpet, but that’s not bad! Today he fussed and started taking his diaper off and I asked him if he had to go and he went on the potty. So, he’s got some connection of having to go beforehand. We looked at undies today and saw Yo Gabba Gabba and Thomas ones. I know what we’ll be getting soon. :-p


Posted On July 17, 2011

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This is Wes in the pool last year (I think he was ~7 months):

This year (18 months):

I’ve gotten lots of comments about how he’s so comfortable in the water. It’s true- he loves it! We go almost every day (it’s within walking distance of our house) and stay ~1.5 hours until it’s time for a nap. Some days, he’s ready for a nap earlier than others:

When he’s in the bath tub he will lay flat and put his face in the water. It’s funny! I think we’re going to do swim lessons in the fall/winter or get a pool pass to a local community center. It will give us something to do and I’d like to keep him in the water since he likes it so much.


Posted On July 14, 2011

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Wes said ‘want hug’ today with his arms open at me…I just about cried!

Busy busy!

Posted On July 11, 2011

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We’ve been keeping busy these days, it’s the only way to keep Wes entertained and (mostly) out of trouble!

We go to the pool almost daily, only weather and other playgroups stop us. We walk over, swim for 1.5 hours, then make our way back for a light lunch and nap time. The child is a FISH! Actually, more like a dolphin the way he ‘kick kicks’ himself in a circle in the water. 🙂 His newest trick is sticking his head in the water. He went all the way in up to the top of his ears today!

This weekend we also went to a baseball game for a smaller local team. Sounds like fun…until you have to factor in that it was 100 degrees at the 5:05pm start time. Yikes! It was also their dog night so Quinn came with us! Despite the heat, they were both wound up. Wes ran every which way while sweating and making me nervous.

Waiting for me to get our stuff laid out so we could jump in the water today:

Baseball game…he wasn’t excited over baseball, they had the KC Disc Dogs on the field performing:

What happens when it’s 100+ degrees and we’re stuck inside:

July 4th Craft- Stars & Stripes Sponge Painting

Posted On July 1, 2011

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He LOVED it! Very simple and we used stuff we already had- so that’s a plus. I bought a book called ‘The Toddler’s Busy Book‘ and tons of craft/learning ideas and crafts for all the major holidays.

The best part about messy crafts- bath time afterwards!  Wes loves baths, especially when mommy puts in tons of bubbles. 🙂  He spent 30 minutes playing and using an empty bodywash bottle to squirt water everywhere. 

In other news, the minor league baseball team is having ‘Bark in the Park’ next weekend and we got free tickets so Wes and Quinn will be going to their first baseball game! 🙂

EDIT: Wes also got another tooth- #13 and hit first canine/eye tooth.