20 months

Posted On August 31, 2011

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LIKES: Airplanes, cars, muffins, trains, climbing, ABCs, football, golf, books/reading (he says his own version of ‘library’)
DISLIKES: Vegetables, sleep, holding still for more than 5 minutes unless Super Why! is on,
**Pretty well potty trained, still sleeping in a diaper but stays dry overnight.
**Getting new words constantly (even if Steve and I are the only ones that understand him…well, mostly I understand him). 
**He loves doing his ABCs and knows a fair amount of letters consistently. The birth-age 3 range is not my education specialty- I’m so clueless as to what he should know, I always think he’s behind- except when it comes to gross motor skills.  (I’m so thankful for being in the Parents-as-Teachers program, she’s someone to tell me my child is normal when I freak out that he’s behind!)
**We’ve started using ‘time-outs’ and he knows where to go, but staying in 1 spot for 1 minutes is pretty hard for him.

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Posted On August 27, 2011

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 Wes is currently obsessed with cars (and airplanes…and football…).  He loves riding in the ‘cars’ at grocery stores:

Friday we went to a local play gym and they had a bunch of cars, he would play with other stuff for a couple minutes and then come back to the cozy coupes (thankfully there were a few of them):

A friend we had gone with to the gym offered to let Wes borrow her sons’ toy truck.  He LOVES it.  I don’t think he’s played with a single toy for so long before.  He played with it for a hour after his nap and then probably another 30 minutes after dinner before his bath.

And some random cuteness:

Crazy Climber!

Posted On August 24, 2011

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Steve’s Day Off….

Posted On August 19, 2011

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Steve decided to take yesterday off with us and enjoy the beautiful weather. We went to Deanna Rose- a local, free farmstead for kids. It is a wonderful place! Lots to see and do, not too crowded thanks to school being back in session.

He wasn’t scared of being in with the goats, but he was pretty ‘whatever’ about them.  I think it had to do with how crazy they were going over the bottles of milk.

He didn’t care about the baby ducks, he walked right up to the big ones! Steve was trying to get him to back up:


He climbed this!  Of course I messed up trying to video it. 

Looking thrilled to take a pic with his mama.  He just wanted a snack and off the bench.

Went to Costco for lunch.  Followed by JCP, Jareds, and Costco again.  We were out for 5 hours- no potty accidents and he was pretty happy with taking a late nap!

Then came the evening…sigh.  He was outside playing with Steve and this happened.  Wes ran, fell, and smacked his face on the edge of our deck.  Lots of blood, a few tears, and a hug later and he was fine.  He was ready to play again after a couple minutes and wouldn’t let us finish cleaning him up. 

Susan G. Komen 5k

Posted On August 17, 2011

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Me & Amy:

Me & Wes before I left home:


Posted On August 17, 2011

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Some days Wes eats very little and some days he doesn’t stop!

It’s 11am and he’s had:

3 eggs with cheese
a banana
a piece of toast with butter
2 blueberry muffins
2 sippy cups of milk

Right now it’s raining and Wes is watching ‘Olivia’ and spinning in circles. It’s going to be a long day!! I think we’ll go to the library this afternoon after he *hopefully* naps.

EDIT: His favorite foods currently are eggs and muffins (moos). Steve makes them an omelet to share in the morning and Wes usually eats most of it. We went to the grocery store to buy more eggs and I was checking the 1/2 price bakery rack, well he saw blueberry muffins and about lost his marbles over them. :-p

Prepping for Fall/Winter…

Posted On August 11, 2011

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With the cooler (only 80-85 degrees) temperatures we’ve had the past couple days, I’ve started to think ahead to fall and winter. We only have a few more weeks of the pool being open and then we’ll have to find things to fill our mornings.

Starting in September is our story time at the library on Mondays, we’ll also be starting a weekly music class on Fridays. In October, I’m thinking of signing Wes up for a Wednesday morning tumbling class because he NEEDS to get his energy out.

We went shopping at Kohls and picked up some athletic shorts for next summer for 80% off and we got a fall football season outfit- in BROWNS colors! 🙂 Their Jumping Bean fall line had really cute stuff (lots of trains, footballs, and dinos).

Randomly stopped by a garage sale in our way home and found this activity cube for only $10! Wes loves the one at the library and he was very excited to bring this one home.

Otherwise, not much going on. Wes is becoming much more verbal and saying a lot more words in the last few weeks. It’s pretty exciting because I was very worried since he barely talked, but he’s definitely working towards 50 words by age 2!

The transition to a toddler bed had a couple bumps (I think mostly due to a slight cold/mostly runny nose he developed), but he seems to like not being in a crib. The last 3 nights he slept on his floor on a pile of blankets. We just lay on the floor with him and he falls asleep quickly. Not even worth the battle to have him lay on the bed, as long as he’s sleeping in his room- it’s okay with us. He has a gate in front of his door since he knows how to open doors, so he just will stand there yelling when he gets up.

He’s still working on using the potty, he’s had 1 ‘accident’ this week and it was because he was screaming in his time-out spot and wet himself instead of using the potty chair right next to him! I take him out in just undies and he will tell me if he has to go. 🙂 He’s also woken up dry in the morning 5 of the last 7 days (we still put him in a diaper overnight). I’m surprised he took to the potty so early, but we love not changing/washing/buying diapers!

Words, Body Parts, & Sounds – Early August (19 months)

Posted On August 7, 2011

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Quinn (Kuhn) or Quinnie (Kinnie)
nom nom
hot dog
*call (like on the phone)
*’I did it!’
*football (working on ‘Go BROWNS!’)
*nana (banana)
*’Got it!’
*’Oh my!*

He knows the signs for:
all done
*diaper change

Body parts he can point out (only can say ‘eye’):


*Animal sounds:
Chicken (loves saying ‘cluck cluck’ in Chick-fil-a…haha!)
…possibly more, I can’t think of any more right now…


Posted On August 4, 2011

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1. We switched Wes to a toddler bed yesterday. He went to bed easier than he has in a week! Only problem was he fell out at 3:45am and was up for the day. :-/ He also showed Mom that he can almost get himself over the gate at his doorway, good thing there is also one on the top of the stairs

2. Potty learning is going well. He’s been going to playdates and on errands in undies and today was the first ‘accident’ while out all week! He still wears a diaper for naps and overnight, but it’s nice to not change diapers during the day!

3. I think Wes needs this, maybe for Christmas: While rearranging his room I realized he has no storage for book/art supplies and this would work for both, plus, he loves to color!