It feels like Friday…

Posted On March 31, 2011

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Today we had a playgroup with other kids Wes’s age!  It was a nice group of moms and toddlers and I got to see that Wes is a typical toddler. :Guess who climbed up on the wooden Lego table…yeah, that would be Wes! We ended up staying 2 hours, which was surprising because he didn’t take a morning nap.  This is the 3rd time in a week that he’s only had 1 nap during the day, apparently it’s normal for them to have a transition time where they go back and forth between 1 and 2 naps.

I’m currently searching Craigslist to find some toys- I have a mile long list! A sandbox, pool, slide/climber of some sort (so he stops climbing my furniture/fireplace so much- yeah right!), a kitchen, etc.   I definitely see him being bored with what he has, time to rotate some things out/in.

Edit: Just checked his mouth, tooth #9, his first molar, is in! I can see about 4 more teeth right under the gum.

I also forgot today marks 15 months!! I can’t believe he’s so ‘old’ already.


Movin’ and Groovin’

Posted On March 29, 2011

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Posted On March 27, 2011

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 Friday we went to Crown Center with one of our playgroups to go to a free exhibit called ‘Under the Sea Adventure’.  It was set up to look like you were under water and the kids could run and climb on different water creatures. 

It was pure chaos.  Seriously.  Chaos. 50 million kids + 50 million adults + tons of ‘hiding’ spots = a mess.  One mom lost her son for 10 minutes or so (scary!), you just couldn’t find a small child with everyone else running around!

Wes and I left the exhibit after 30 minutes (and lots of him getting his hands stepped on as he climbed stairs and a few bumps to the head by the arms of the big kids).  We walked around and went in the Crayola store to color a bit. 🙂 

The rest of the moms started coming out not long after we did because they thought it was nuts as well.  We all ended up going to Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant for lunch.  A train delivers your food!  Wes wasn’t impressed, but the older boys were. 

He had amazing behavior, ate all his lunch, and was completely cute. 

Wes went to 1 nap on Thursday and continued the trend on Friday…after he slept 11.5 hours STRAIGHT!!!! Steve and I woke up around 6 and were very confused.  We got up and didn’t really know what to do with a still sleeping baby, he woke up at 6:30!  Of course it only lasted 1 night and he woke up at 4am and came to our bed this morning.  It beats what he did Monday through Wednesday last week, he would  wake up at 4 and want to play/roll around! This morning he just fell back asleep with us.

Anyways, thanks to the 1 1-hour nap trend, we have a lot of time to fill during the day.  So I tried to break out a craft project.  I wanted him to color some ‘eggs’ I drew on paper and I was going to cut out a paper basket to make an Easter decoration.  Yeah, FAIL! 

We don’t have a kids’ table, so I thought his bike box on the floor would be a good surface to work on.  Nope, he kept climbing on the box.  :-/  Quinn was well behaved, even when she got a bottle of glue thrown at her.

Finally, I just love this kid’s hair. The back was curling funny and it was adorable.

2nd post of the day.

Posted On March 23, 2011

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These pics are actually from yesterday.  After 2 weeks off for ‘spring break’, our Rhyme Time at the library is back in action!  Wes doesn’t participate much in RT, but he definitely takes it all in- he picked up ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ from there!  He was ready to go by the end.  The leader said bye to him and he just walked towards the door then stopped and waved/said bye, it was really cute and got a laugh when he then continued on to the door.

Later in the day we went to get him a pair of sandals at Target because the child has HOT feet!  Seriously, they get so hot and sweaty when it’s not 75 and he’s not running around.  Combine those to things and you get stinky feet. :-p

These are a 7, he’s a 6.5- room to grow. 

He prefers to move stuff, rather than play.  

He kept pointing at himself saying ‘I…I…I…I…’ , not sure why.

Playing with the stacking buckets.

Consider this an early 15 month post…

Posted On March 23, 2011

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We end up going to the pediatrician’s office today, so his stats are:

28lb 15oz, 33.5″   –  Definitely still our Beast!

We went to the ped because I had noticed some seasonal allergy symptoms and since he’s so young they wanted to look at him before suggesting meds.  The pediatrician checked him out (after we waited 30 minutes in a tiny exam room, thankfully Wes cooperated) and said he ‘most definitely’ has allergies. She gave us some samples of Claritin and said it should be making a difference in a couple days, if not, we move on to another medicine.

I told Steve I need a new vacuum so I can get our house cleaner, especially with our windows open. He said for Mother’s Day- haha! :-p

Trying to get Quinn to come play with the frisbee..

 Going after Quinn because she wouldn’t get the frisbee…

Quinn running off..

Quinn getting her revenge.  He crawled up on the deck and she attacked him with kisses, he was laughing sooooo hard! 🙂

 When having Quinn go get a ball we clap and then hold our hands out and say ‘ball’-  Wes did the motion and said ‘bah’ today while we were outside! 

St. Patrick’s Day/Spring has sprung!

Posted On March 17, 2011

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Wes and I had a playgroup this morning.  Wes was napping, but we made it and weren’t the last to arrive. 🙂  There were a few other kids his age and it was nice to see that he seems to be right on track with them development-wise (this mom is a worrier!).  It is also fun to check out other kids’ toys and see what Wes might enjoy having in our own home.  Towards the end we went out in the backyard and he just liked walking around and playing with a giant ball. There was also an old dog who pretty much just wandered through the group and let the kids pet him, Wes REALLY enjoyed that!  Thankfully he wasn’t as fixated on this dog as he is on the ones we see at parks- where I have to repeatedly chase him down and distract him.

After the playgroup, we went to Target and had a mini-pizza in the ‘cafe’ and walked around.  I have come to realize I did not prepare spring/summer clothing-wise for Wes.  He has like 3 short-sleeved shirts!  I bought him a cute one with a dinosaur on it to add to his collection.  He has lots of casual/run & get messy shorts and a couple pairs of nicer ones.  Next up is buying sandals, tried to find a pair today but they didn’t have his size in the ones I wanted.  Maybe this weekend we’ll go look with Steve, he’ll love it. 🙂

I have to take a picture of him in his shorts, too cute.  But for now he’s napping because it was a busy 3 hours we were out of the house.

Oh yeah, he took off his velcro diaper again and ran around upstairs.  It was pretty funny. :-p

Edit:  Pictures! I didn’t get him a pic in his green shirt- bad mom! But here are some from playing outside (which we did for about 3 hours yesterday).

Playing ball–

Where’d Wes go? Hmmm…–

First step in t-ball, getting the ball on the stand–

Snack break, eating honey Greek yogurt, yum–

Shirt change and back outside to golf–

It’s suppose to rain the next few days, so we’ll be stuck inside.  The temperature is suppose to be in the 70s starting Sunday, so at least it won’t be cold AND rainy.

Playing in the yard…

Posted On March 17, 2011

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 Grandma Perry- Wes wants you to know that he can still fit out the doggy door…that’s how he got out today!

 If it can move, he will move it.  If it won’t move, he will just push/pull it until it breaks or we stop him.

14 months

Posted On March 1, 2011

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27lb 12oz- 97th %ile
33″ –  99th %ile
Noggin is still big

(used this site for %iles:

-Words: dada, mama, cup, car, dog, down, hi, bye  (most not said perfectly, but he gets his point across)
-Walking, speed walking/trying to run, climbs up/down stairs
-Can build 2 block towers, but still prefers to knock them over.
-Likes to put stuff in bowls and shake them, nests smaller items in larger
-LOVES books, he will get them out and ‘read’ if we’re busy. He definitely likes puzzles and books more than anything else.


Posted On March 1, 2011

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I think Wes NEEDS this:

Maybe he’d stop climbing on the fireplace/up the stairs/etc! Put it in the playroom/guestroom during the cold months and outside when it warms up- perfect.  He doesn’t have a slide or anything for outside yet, he does ride his zebra scooter though.