Quick Update

Posted On October 1, 2012

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1.  We have Wes’s first parent/teacher conference Wednesday.

2.   We had a great vacation 2 weeks ago and are finally back into our normal routines. This reminds me that I need to mail off some pictures to GGma that I had printed.

3.  I have been doing a training schedule for a 10k and yesterday, 2.5 miles into my suppose-to-be-3.5m run, I stepped off the sidewalk and rolled my ankle. 😦 Thankfully, I had my phone so I could call Steve.  He and Wes sprung into action and came to pick me up. I’m still hobbling around today so my ‘free time’ while Wes is at preschool is being used to ice and elevate my foot. So much for being productive!

4. Wes is already talking about his birthday, that he knows is in December.  I have a feeling once December 1 hits it’s going to be very confusing to him.  He has lots of ideas of what he wants.  I didn’t realize that started so early.  Guess I should get around to updating his Amazon list!


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