Silly boy!

Posted On December 14, 2011

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While I thought Wes was slow to talk, he’s more than made up for it since the end if October. He had way more than the 50 words expected by 2 and has done 4-5 word sentences. While that makes us proud, it’s the silly things he says that brings us joy.

Monday we went over Wes’s little buddy James’ house. He had a pj party to celebrate him turning 1! Well, Wes is very into ‘going to work make money’. Allie (James’ momma) said something about Wes goin and making bacon. This turned into Wes talking about “I go work. Make money and bacon!’. 🙂

He also tells us to go to when we use the computer. Also, he wants to Facebook *insert his little friends names here*

Dada has become dad, daddy, Stebe, and Dada Stebe

He knows all his friends by name and is obsessed with them. Which is funny because he still definitely in the parallel play age. He also knows most of the names of the moms in our playgroup. He’s got a good memory!!

He knows the shapes pentagon and octagon. Random! He was asking Steve to draw octagons, pentagons, triangles, and circles today!


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