20 months

Posted On August 31, 2011

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LIKES: Airplanes, cars, muffins, trains, climbing, ABCs, football, golf, books/reading (he says his own version of ‘library’)
DISLIKES: Vegetables, sleep, holding still for more than 5 minutes unless Super Why! is on,
**Pretty well potty trained, still sleeping in a diaper but stays dry overnight.
**Getting new words constantly (even if Steve and I are the only ones that understand him…well, mostly I understand him). 
**He loves doing his ABCs and knows a fair amount of letters consistently. The birth-age 3 range is not my education specialty- I’m so clueless as to what he should know, I always think he’s behind- except when it comes to gross motor skills.  (I’m so thankful for being in the Parents-as-Teachers program, she’s someone to tell me my child is normal when I freak out that he’s behind!)
**We’ve started using ‘time-outs’ and he knows where to go, but staying in 1 spot for 1 minutes is pretty hard for him.

Infant Percentiles Calculator

Enter the following data
Gender of the baby
Age of the baby in months            20 months
Body weight
Body length
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Length for age is in the percentile
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Weight for length percentile
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Shoe Size: 7.5


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