Posted On October 30, 2010

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Cards from the paternal great grandparents:

Have you ever tried to get a ~10mo and a dog to look the same way…yeah, not easy!

Wes with his pumpkin:

Visiting dad’s work for trick-or-treating, there were surprisingly a lot of kids there:

Books in the mail today- 8 Sandra Boynton books (so much fun)! No slip in the box, but we assume they are from Grandma and Grandpa Perry. 🙂

And he found an old binky, he hasn’t used a binky since he was about 2 months…you can see his teeth in the middle of it!


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  1. The Nielson's

    Oh Goodness! We LOVE Sandra Boynton Books! Cameron's favorite is Pajama Time! We have read it to him since he was about 3 when we got it. He now reads it to Ethan. What a great gift!

  2. The KS Perrys

    They are great! We don't have 'Pajama Time' yet, we plan on getting him a few more of her books for his bday/Christmas and I'll make sure that's one of them. 🙂

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