A little sad…

Posted On October 28, 2010

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Today is my friend Amy’s son’s 1st birthday. That means it’s exactly 9 weeks until Wes turns 1. We are going to his party Saturday and I’m excited because J and Wes don’t get to see each other much. The stress Amy is under kinda makes me happy we aren’t having a party for Wes. We’re dressing Wes up and taking him out for bbq and coming home for presents and cake on NYE. :-p I found a cute t-shirt I plan on ordering in the next couple weeks:


I think I’m going to try to recreate this design on a black t-shirt for Wes’s 1 year pictures.


One Response to “A little sad…”

  1. Connors Family

    That New Year's onesie is awesome! When was Wes born?I know a lot of mom's going WAY out for their baby's one year. While I'm going to have a party with our close friends and family, I don't plan on spending hundreds of dollars on it. And I'm going to try (keyword "try" as I am far from crafty) to make most of the decor. I gotta do some research online and find some things I can make. I did figure out what colors to go with though. 🙂

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