Posted On October 25, 2010

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Saturday: Lunch at Chick-fil-a, home to relax, Mom went out shopping with a friend for about 3 hours and Wes & Dad went grocery shopping. Wes wasn’t pleased with his dad so they had to get out of the house to distract him from the fact that mom was missing! Had a relaxing night and Wes slept decently.

Sunday: Went to the park where Wes enjoyed the slides and swings. Mom & Dad also went down the slides with him a bit. Came home and he decided to try to pull the laptop off the couch with him and hit his little lip. Lots of blood but very little fuss. He was much more interested in eating the Kleenex than cleaning up the blood. Steve grilled bbq chicken and we had a nice lunch and dinner. Some cleaning was done and right now Steve is getting Wes ready for bed. Soon it will be my turn to nurse and get him to sleep for hopefully many hours!


One Response to “Weekend.”

  1. The Nielson's

    Oh my gosh that video of him on the slide is too funny! Im catching up…so I had to start with your Disney post..and I just wathed your video here 3 times. I love that he grabs on and doesnt want to slide…funny stuff. Poor fat lip! Anything on the face seems to bleed like crazy! Glad he wasn't too bothered by it!

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